Thursday, May 10, 2012

Signet's New Regency Line

If you read my blog you know by now that Signet is resurrecting the traditional Regency--in ebook format only at this time and they are starting with back list titles but 2 new Regencies will be out by the end of 2012. One of them is mine.

If you loved the traditional Regencies, I hope you'll support Signet by buying titles by your favorite authors. You don't have to buy mine--there are a bunch available. You can check them out here: Signet Regency ebooks

And yes, they are available for kindle and nook and I think other e-readers. You can do a search on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or whatever ebook store you usually use as well once you know which titles Signet is releasing. Or just do a search for Intermix Signet Regency on your favorite e-book website.

I think we all benefit when any new venue opens up for Regency authors. That's one reason I agreed to join Signet in this experiment--because it's not just about how much money I can make but the existence of our beloved genre.

Signet let me write about all sorts of issues dear to my heart and play with fun possibilities as well. I have a son with Down syndrome and got to write a book with a secondary character who was mentally impaired. I got to write about issues of abuse. I got to write a series (the one they're reissuing) with a magic locket. When I did a series with a governess readers loved, Signet allowed me to giver her a book so that she could find happiness, too.

I would love to see Signet's Regency line prosper again and for that to happen it will need our support. So please check out Signet's new Regency ebook line. See if you can find old favorites or perhaps books by your favorite traditional Regency authors that you missed the first time around.

As we all know, with ebooks the challenge is to have visibility. Therefore, if we all buy over a day or two, that will help more than sales spread out over a week--or two or three. So I'm going to ask/suggest that if you want to support Signet's efforts to have a traditional Regency line, please consider buying at least one ebook today, Thursday May 10, 2012 and/or tomorrow, Friday May 11, 2012. Mind you, none of the authors or Signet will mind if you buy books on other days as well! I'd just love to see these Regencies gain some visibility quickly so that those who make the decisions at Penguin can see there really is an interest in traditional Regencies.

If you ARE interested in any of my books, check out my book page on this blog.

Warmest wishes,
April Kihlstrom


Cara King said...

Great idea, April!

When I followed the link, though, it was mostly non-Regencies, unfortunately. Plus Regencies that aren't yet available. So that was a little frustrating... But there were a few that were both Regency and available via that link! I wonder if a normal B&N or Amazon search would work better...?


April said...

Here's the funny thing, Cara. When I checked the link BEFORE I posted it, the only thing on those pages were Signet's Regencies. When I went back just now, I saw all those other books there. Wonder if someone at Penguin noticed an increase in traffic and hoped to also sell other books at the same time.

A search on Amazon for Signet Regencies for kindle brings up (I think) all the Signet re-releases but I think it may bring up other Regencies as well. Maybe a search on Intermix Signet Regencies for kindle?

Roni Denholtz said...

Good idea! I loved those regencies. Glad they're available again!

Nicky Penttila said...

I loved these, and was especially glad when your governess got her own story. Will do my part!

April said...

Thanks Roni and Nicky! I really did post this NOT to say buy MY books but to suggest a way we can support a publisher taking a chance on traditional Regencies--books I've always loved.

Grace Burrowes said...

I think even liking the titles on Amazon will increase visibility there, and it will get me onto the e-blast list when similar releases come out. Nice to see Signet doing this.

April said...


Ooh, good point! See, I'm learning something just from posting this blog post. Imagine if everyone who loves traditional Regencies helped brainstorm possible ways to support them.