Friday, July 31, 2015

Pinterest has corrupted me

Yes, I have to face the truth--Pinterest has corrupted me.

It started innocently enough. I created a board with my book covers. That wasn't so bad. I even found inspirational quotes and stuff about books so I started adding those.

Then I found pictures of Regency clothing and images  and I made boards for those.

I made a board for my Sophy books and dogs. That was innocent fun, too.

Lots of inspirational stuff. It was obvious I needed one for regular inspiration and one for writing inspiration. This was still just innocent fun. Who knew what lay ahead?

And of course there were cool places to visit and even photos of what might be in a perfect  home.

I know where it started going wrong. It was when I discovered photos of cool and geeky stuff on Pinterest. I knew I was in trouble when I lusted over a photo of a Dr. Who police box refrigerator.

And then it happened. I discovered my inner snark. You know, that self inside one keeps squished down in polite company? The one that never listened when your mother told you to be nice? Yes, that one. I discovered mine was far bigger than I ever thought. My snark board is growing every day. At first it was photos I stumbled across. Then I started seeking them out. Not every day. Of course not! addiction started growing. I know, I just know, that one of these days, one of those sayings on my snark board is going to come right out of my mouth when I'm in public!

What can I say? Pinterest has corrupted me. And the worst thing is, I'm really starting to like it....