Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, I hope it is a happy time for you. I know that's not the case for everyone. If this time of year is a challenge for you, I hope you can find comfort in books you love. If this is a wonderful time of year for you, I hope good books add to your joy in the season.

It has been an amazing year. I teach my online writing classes and hope that I make a difference--making writing more fun and easier. I do the same with my coaching. But writing is my first love and it is a joy to me that my books are beginning to be available in electronic book format. If you have or received an e-book reader for Christmas or Hannukah, you may want to check out my books. You can see the latest here or on my website. Look for some original stories in the coming year--perhaps even a short story or novella about how the eldest brother of the Langford family met his wife, Athenia.

I also put up this year a pamphlet of Writing Tips for Kids and probably should have titled it Writing Tips for Kids and Adults since some of the material has been used in workshops for adults as well as with kids. Writing Tips for Kids For now it's only available for the kindle but that may change in future months.

I hope that 2011 was a good year for you and that 2012 will be even better. I wish for each of you much joy, good health, success and that you are always surrounded by loving family and friends. And of course that you always have wonderful books to read!

Warmest wishes now and always,
April Kihlstrom