Saturday, April 10, 2010

class postponed

Well, my class for the Writers League of Texas has been postponed until April 26. I'm really looking forward to it because I love helping people discover their ideal writing process and how to do promotion in a way that feels like fun AND will be more effective than trying to do what everyone else is doing.

In writing--as with everything--when we do things we love, in a way that is ideal for us, what we do is far more likely to work and stand out because it's unique. Passion is infectious! As for the writing itself, there are as many ways to write as there are writers and each of us is different in what would be ideal. I remember years ago, people telling me I should get up every morning at 5 am and write for an hour or two before my kids got up. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! EVER! At that hour of the morning, my brain simply does not function. On the other hand, for the people saying it, that really was the ideal thing to do.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this class--especially since it will come right before the WLT Editor and Agents Conference. I love that after taking my class, people will be able to clearly articulate what their book is about, why readers will love it and how they intend to promote it in a way that is unique and likely to get attention.

(If you're interested, the link to sign up is in the post before this one.)

Whether you are a writer or not, I hope you live on your own terms--doing what you love in a way that is absolutely right for YOU. For most of us, that includes taking into account how the people we love will be affected and still finding a way to be ourselves.