Other Regencies

Here are a number of my stand alone Regency Romances.


A brother with a disability, a fiancé lost at sea, a truly nasty villainess and an American in London in 1812 while feelings still run high between Britain and the former colonies . . . what could possibly go wrong?

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What happens when a Viscount must marry and he chooses a girl he thinks will be docile and sweet--but that's not who he gets? What if having his life turned upside down is exactly what he needs? 

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This is a traditional Regency originally published by Signet in 1982 and revised 2015.

The Earl of Danver is a confirmed bachelor. Miss Sara Farthingham is a young woman who sees herself as all but on the shelf. Both have cousins prone to stirring up mischief and scandal. As they try their best to rescue their cousins from the consequences of their misguided actions, the earl and the lady discover something they never thought would happen to them—love.

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Lady Theodosia wasn't ready to settle down in marriage. She was still looking for adventure--adventure she hoped to find helping her friend search for hidden treasure on Viscount Stanwood's estate. The last thing she was expecting to find was love amid the cobwebs and ruins and hidden spaces.

This book was originally published as a Signet Traditional Regency in 1985.

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It wasn't supposed to be like this. Marriage wasn't supposed to be for sale. But sometimes life doesn't work out quite the way one expects . . . .

Felicity Lyford hasn't had an easy time of it. That's why she leaps at a chance at a London Season—even if it is because of a rather scandalous bequest. But can she protect herself from two of the most notorious rakes in London—Sir Anthony and Lord Eastcott—and choose a husband based on her head instead of her heart? 

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Scandal and rumor follow the young widow. Word has it she is a heartless fortune hunter. He is the one charged by her late husbands will with watching over her for the next five years and he means to hold a tight hand on the reins. Can she overcome his distrust of her and can he reform the young woman who, he believes, somehow lost her way? 
Note: This was originally published as a Signet Traditional Regency in 1986 and has been revised for the 2015 re-release.
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A scandalous rake and a sheltered young woman are pressed by their parents into a betrothal. It isn’t real, of course it isn’t. How could it be when they are so wildly mismatched? And yet there is something that draws them together. Can she tame the rake and can he tease out the real woman inside the prim and proper girl?

Note: This was originally published as Signet Traditional Regency in 1987


A young lady who wants to be an actress and a captain forced to resign his commission. Neither is what he or she seems, both carry the risk of ruin. Can they rescue each other and find happiness together? Toss in an evil stepfather and any number of well-meaning friends and who knows what will happen?

Note: This was originally published as Signet Traditional Regency in 1988

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Elizabeth Mayfield is the wildly successful author of several lurid novels written under the pseudonym of Mrs. Bethfrey. Basingstoke is a bored and disillusioned earl who makes a wager that somewhere there is a woman who would marry him without knowing his title or wealth. When they meet, it is both a match and a clash of wills certain to alter both their destinies. 

Note: This was originally released as a Traditional Regency by Signet in 1991.

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Rebecca Stanwood, an American in England with her stepbrother to try to connect with family, must undertake a dangerous masquerade to hide from the evil intentions of the notorious Lord Templeton and his plans for her and the newly resurrected Hell Fire Club. What happens when she starts to fall in love with the handsome Mr. Ransford who thinks she’s only his scullery maid?

Note: This was originally released as a Traditional Regency by Signet in 1992.

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