I will be speaking at the NJRW conference 2016. My workshop will be on how to use the stories your characters tell themselves to create plot, conflict and characters who come truly alive.


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Writing Books
Wayward Widows Series
Westcott Series

Miss Tibbles Books Including Mystery Regency Romances

Langford Series
Barlow/Magic Locket Series
Leverton/Witton Books

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Sophy Books and Coloring Books


April Kihlstrom's Book In A Week Workbook
Writing Tips For Kids (And Adults) 


Sophy Goes To the Doggy Doctor
Sophy Goes To The Doggy Doctor Coloring Book
Sophy Goes To Doggy Camp
Sophy Goes To Doggy Camp Coloring Book
Sophy's Story
Sophy's Story Coloring Book

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Harriet Tangles With The Earl
His Lordship Takes A Tumble
The Dutiful Wife
Miss Tibbles Interferes
The Soldier's Bride
The Widower's Folly
The Ambitious Baronet
The Magic Locket Series Box Set (with The Ambitious Baronet, The Widower's Folly and The Soldier's Bride)
Miss Tibbles Investigates
The Sentimental Soldier
The Wily Wastrel
The Reckless Barrister
Miss Tibbles' Folly
An Outrageous Proposal
The Reluctant Thief
An Honorable Rogue
The Widowed Bride
The Wicked Groom
Dangerous Masquerade
The Reckless Wager
The Scholar's Daughter
Miss Redmond's Folly
Captain Rogue
The Nabob's Widow
The Counterfeit Betrothal
The Charming Impostor
Twice Betrothed
The Mysterious Governess
The Wary Spinster
An Improper Companion
A Scandalous Bequest
A Choice of Cousins