Wayward Widows Series

Book 1:  Harriet Tangles With The Earl

(See excerpt below.)

The Wayward Widows series features three widows who band together and try to balance their desire to be respectable with the need to support themselves after being left penniless by their husbands' deaths.

Book 1--Harriet Tangles With The Earl--involves a duel of wits between an enterprising young widow and a disapproving earl. Each turns the other's world upside down. Ultimately, they must join together to defeat an enemy who is determined to force Harriet to become his mistress and destroy the Earl of Darrowfield--as well as everything and everyone he values. Together, they discover love, laughter, adventure and that their differences matter far less than the happiness they could create together.

It's been a lot of fun to write and I hope will make readers laugh out loud as well as feel a great deal of empathy for my characters.

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Excerpt from Harriet Tangles With The Earl:
Copyright © 2017 by April Kihlstrom 

     They didn't set out to have an orgy, things just got a little out of hand. 
     Were the three young widows cowards for locking themselves in the housekeeper's rooms while the orgy was under way? Or depraved when, afterwards, they decided to hold more of them again?
     If the party had been a disaster, that would have been the end of it. Certainly none of the three widows would have chosen to hold orgies, it's just that the money they were offered was so good and what else were three penniless widows supposed to do if otherwise they might find themselves out on the street? 
     After all, it wasn't as if any of them had family ready to come to their financial support. It wasn't as if any of them ever expected or intended to marry again. And it certainly wasn't as if they were receiving invitations to Society events anyway, so what difference did it make if their reputations would be ruined? At least this way, they'd have a roof over their heads, food to eat and funds accruing in the bank to protect them in their old age.
     And it wasn't as if they were hurting anyone. Indeed, some of their own friends had come to ask them to keep holding the parties because it was the one place they could go to indulge their fantasies. Everyone who came to their parties wanted to be there. Not like some of those places where girls and young women found themselves trapped or forced into things they did not want to do.
     No, the widows were quite vigilant, making certain no one was pressured to do anything they didn't wish to do. All they'd had to do was eject a couple of gentlemen and ban them for life from their parties and that was the end of any of that sort of trouble.
     Mind you, the widows were getting quite an education in things they had never dreamed of. It wasn't that they were entirely ignorant, for they had all been married, but their husbands had somehow never seen fit to educate them in the things they were discovering now. It quite made one want to experiment oneself but that, of course, was out of the question. They were respectable ladies, even if they did find themselves holding orgies to make ends meet. Still, all three of them started having quite unusual and vivid dreams after many of these events. 
     Yes, all was going splendidly and would undoubtedly continue to do so. If, of course, none of their dead husbands' families intervened. But as Harriet, the oldest of the young widows pointed out, none of those families had been willing to help any of them financially after their husbands died and if they didn't like it, they could go hang. If they did complain, Harriet would simply tell them they were free to settle funds upon the women so the orgies were no longer necessary. None of the widows thought that was likely to ever happen.
     It was Harriet who found herself the first of the trio to have to face the consequences of the rather unusual course they had undertaken . If only she hadn't made Tom that promise before he died . . . .