Note: In order to make sure the greatest number of special needs professionals and parents have a chance to see the Sophy Books, for a short time they can get the ebooks free here: 

(Please don't let the format scare you off. Bookfunnel support is incredibly helpful if anyone has trouble accessing these ebooks.)

This page will be devoted to information about my Sophy Books, (free) teacher guides, and
information about what it's like having a (38 year old) Down syndrome child and wanting him to be able to have books he loves to read. (Note: Sophy is not misspelled. She is named after the heroine of The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer--one of my favorite books.)

My latest project is creating Sophy coloring books that match up with the Sophy Books. Let me know what you think!

On Amazon:

on Walmart

They match up with the Sophy Books like this:







Why coloring books? So often, those with a disability have very little control over their lives. Coloring books give them a measure of control. Sophy can be white and black, as she is in real life, or brown or pink or teal.

Instead of the pressure of reading a whole book at a time, the person can choose one page, any page, to color and read.

Coloring books give the person a reason to go back to the book over and over again.

If the person doesn't always process line drawings well, being able to match up the original photo with the coloring book picture may help them learn to do so.

So...that's my latest project. I am also setting up a newsletter for my Sophy Books. For information on that, check here: Sophy Newsletter

Look for more information, etc. here as time goes on. Meanwhile, I hope you will consider the Sophy Books if you are interested in books for:

           Dog lovers        
           Beginning readers
           Those with Special Needs
           Adults or teenagers learning to read or reading below age level
           Wounded warriors who might be learning to read all over again

These books were designed to appeal to and be easy to read for all of the categories above. There are three available now.

As I get them created, I will be making "teacher" guides available for the series of Sophy Books. Since this is something new for me, it may take me a little while to do so.

Note: Although it is not a Sophy Book, I'm also going to list a booklet of Writing Tips for Kids on this page because some parents or teachers might find that useful as well.


SOPHY GOES TO DOGGY CAMP is the second in a series of Sophy Books that feature the rescued shelter dog Sophy. In SOPHY GOES TO DOGGY CAMP, Sophy has to go to respite care while her mom goes on a trip.

As with SOPHY’S STORY, this book is designed to appeal to all young children and anyone who loves dogs as well as to be accessible to special needs individuals like the author’s 37 year old son who has Down Syndrome.

Kindle version
Google Play
Paperback version


SOPHY GOES TO THE DOGGY DOCTOR is the 3rd book in the Sophy series. In this one, Sophy gets her annual checkup. I'm hoping readers will laugh and perhaps see themselves in Sophy's impatience and reactions to the whole process. In other words, as always, I hope this book will bring comfort as well as smiles to everyone who reads it.

SOPHY GOES TO THE DOGGY DOCTOR is available both as an e-book and in print. You can find it here:

Kindle        Nook        iBooks        Kobo       Google Play      Print 


My 37 year old son has Down Syndrome. Some time ago I became frustrated with the lack of books appropriate for him to read so I decided to create my own. SOPHY'S STORY is the first in a series of books appropriate for young children as well as individuals like my son who are in some way mentally impaired or anyone who loves stories about dogs. And yes, Sophy really is my dog.

The book features photographs of situations and emotions to which children and adults with special needs can relate.

Available for Kindle  Nook  Kobo  Google Play  iBooks and in Paperback.




The old version of Writing Tips For Kids has been replaced with a new and substantially revised edition. If you have the old version, you should be able to request the update from Amazon (if you didn't get the update automatically). It's also now available in print and on various other vendor sites.

Available for Kindle   Nook   Kobo   iBooks  Google Play  Walmart and in  Paperback