Monday, December 09, 2013

A Gift This Christmas Season

Most of you will not know that for a time I taught creative writing to kids--some on line and some in person. I also taught public speaking to kids in person.

Out of that experience came an short, very short ebook I created a couple of years ago: WRITING TIPS FOR KIDS.

As a gift, I've put that ebook on sale this week, Dec. 8-Dec. 15, 2013 for 99 cents. After that it will go back up to $3.99.

If you've taken any of my Book in a Week classes, you might recognize some of the material, though written more simply for kids and teens.

I hope that if you know a kid or teen who might benefit, you'll consider gifting them a copy.

Here's the link to purchase it for kindle.

Warmest wishes,