Thursday, March 05, 2015

Sophy's Story ebook free in March

As many of you know, I created the Sophy Books series because I couldn't find any books appropriate for my 37 yr old son who has Down Syndrome.  I believe everyone should have books they can and love to read. As you might imagine, this is something I care deeply about.

March is Developmental Disabilities Month. In honor of that, I'm making Sophy's Story, the first book in the series, free for iBooks, Kindle, Kobo and Google Play free for the month of March 2015. Nook won't let me do that but it's only 99 cents there.

Sophy's Story isn't just for disabled individuals. It's for anyone--child or adult--who loves dogs. It's for anyone learning to read--child or adult literacy programs, perhaps.

The books bring--I hope!--comfort as well as smiles as the reader recognizes in Sophy's emotions, how he or she feels about similar situations. And for those who have asked, yes, Sophy really is my dog and these stories really are about her experiences. (You may have noticed she's in my photo on the sidebar!)  Mind you, a lot of times she thinks I should play instead of working on my blog or my books!

Sometimes she tries to give me toys.

Sometimes she just climbs on my lap and gets between me and the computer!

If you think there's any chance you or someone you know would enjoy Sophy's Story, please download the free ebook or share this information with them. And if you would, please consider leaving a review. Few things help authors more than lots of reviews. Here are the links for Sophy's Story:

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