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Calista’s father, in life, never wished to dispense with her services as his assistant. In death, however, he has contrived a plan to force her into marriage as quickly as possible. His will not only thus tries to dispose of her future, but Mr. Frederick Leverton’s as well. Unfortunately for his scheme, Mr. Leverton is already married but his friend, John Witton is not. When Mr. Witton agrees to accompany his friend to visit Leverton’s new wards, he has no notion he will fall in love with one of the daughters of the house. But is Calista the sweet young woman she seems or is she as scheming and manipulative as the woman he and Leverton both once loved?

Note: This was originally released as a Signet Regency in 1989.

Available now for kindle and nook and kobo and iTunes and Google Play and in paperback.


Waterloo, Wellington, what happens in France AFTER Waterloo, all of these play a role in Miss Redmond's Folly.

Eleanor’s only fault is loving too easily. Taken in by the notorious Comte de Beauvais, Eleanor finds herself on the way to Brussels, taken under the wing of the kind Mrs. Milford and her brother Mr. Frederick Leverton. In the shadow of the Battle of Waterloo and travel from Brussels to Paris after Wellington’s victory, Eleanor must decide whether to continue to guard her heart from Mr. Leverton or to take the safest route of never loving again.
Note: This was originally published as a Signet Regency in 1988.

Available for kindle and nook and kobo and in paperback and iTunes and Google Play.