I'm excited to tell you that several Regency authors and I have banded together. We're calling

ourselves the Bluestocking League. We'll be sharing information about each other's websites, books, etc.  We're still figuring it all out.  One of our possible projects will be to have excerpts from our books on our sites with various themes so stay tuned for that.

If you've ever wondered where the term Bluestocking comes from, Gail Eastwood has a wonderful blogpost about it here:  Those Bluestocking Women

Newest project: Excerpts from Bluestocking League books! Camille Elliot has kicked it off for us with her page of excerpts from our books here. The theme is Music!

Regina Scott has her page up with excerpts and the theme is: So You Think You Can Dance? The page is here.

Look for a FREE excerpt ebook soon!

My fellow Bluestocking League authors are:

Karla Darcy

Of special interest on her page: Weekly Words from Miss Darcy's Dictionary

Sarah Eagle

You might be interested in Sarah's Works

Gail Eastwood

Here are Gail's Writing Tips

Look for Captain's Dilemma available now.

Kindle   Nook  Kobo  iBooks

Camille Elliot

For more information about Camille's Books

Camille has a book available for pre-order for kindle on Amazon.  It's the first in the Lady Wynwood series.

Karen Frisch

You might be interested in Karen's The Write Time blog.

Vanessa Riley

Vanessa has a Regency Notes  page and a Regency blog.

She has a new book--Unmasked Heart. You can find it on Amazon.

 She's also writing a serial novel called The Bargain!
   You can find the first 2 episodes and a pre-order button for the third here:

Episode 1      

                                                                           Episode 2

                                                                           Episode 3

Regina Scott

Regina also has a Regency blog with great information.

You can find Art and Artifice on Amazon, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords!

Eloquence and Espionage is also now available on

Look for mention of their new releases, special sales of their books and of course those excerpts in the months to come. I'm so glad to be part of this wonderful group!

As always, my site is a work in progress so I hope you'll come back often to see what's new.