Sunday, October 04, 2015

FREE for October


Because it's both Literacy and Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October, I'm making the e-book version of Sophy Goes To Doggy Camp free wherever I can--for the month of October only.

Most of my published books have been romance novels but a few years I got so frustrated trying to find books for my (now 38 yr old) son (who has Down Syndrome) to read that I decided to start creating books for him based on how I KNOW he processes pictures, language and emotions. Sophy Goes To Doggy Camp is the 2nd in the series of Sophy Books I am creating. In this book, Sophy has to go to doggy camp (respite care) when her mom goes on a trip.

As with all the Sophy books,  SGTDC is designed to appeal to all young children and anyone who loves dogs as well as to be accessible to special needs individuals like my son.

free versions for October:

Kindle version
Google Play

99 cents for October


Paperback version  $ 10.99