Monday, July 08, 2019


Okay, this is my favorite cover yet. If you have the ebook already, hopefully you can just ask the vendor to update your copy and you will then have the new cover. With the print version, I'm not sure when they will be available with the new cover. It depends, I suppose, on whether or not they still have copies of the old version on hand. But I'm so thrilled with the print version that I'm going to post it here anyway, along with the links for the respective online bookstores. With luck, you might be able to request the new version. In any case, here is the new cover for AN HONORABLE ROGUE.

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Sunday, July 07, 2019

Yet One More

As you can see, I'm still having fun with new covers for my books. Here's the latest one--for CAPTAIN ROGUE. I do think he has just the right mischievous look and worth fanning oneself a time or two....

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Thursday, July 04, 2019

One More New Cover

And here's one more new cover. Did I mention that if you already have the ebook you can get it with the new cover by asking for the update? At least that's true on Amazon. If you go to your list of books there and request the update, you should get it with the latest cover.

Note: I've also included the Prologue for THE WICKED GROOM at the back of this book.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Covers

Once again, I have new covers for some of my books.

The Leverton/Witton books, THE SCHOLAR'S DAUGHTER and MISS REDMOND'S FOLLY, have always been close to my heart and I had a lot of fun writing about these two friends who met and fell in love in these two books.

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And then there's DANGEROUS MASQUERADE which featured the resurrected Hell Fire Club, a truly nasty villain and, as you might have guessed from the title, our heroine undertaking a dangerous masquerade as the only way to save herself.


Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Note: If you do not have a Nook, you can get the Nook reading app free and install it on your computer or smartphone or tablet:

And now to the really exciting news! Barnes and Noble is having a special promotion they are calling the NOOK Book Bash — where you can find Hundreds of FREE first-in-series books--including my book, The Wicked Groom! Below you'll find codes to get these books free as well as codes to get the 2nd book in the series for 25% off.  In my case, the 2nd book is The Widowed Bride. This promotion runs until February 28, 2019. Please, please, please feel free to share this information with your friends!

Here's how it works:
Choose a series at, then use code NOOKBASHFREE to get the first book free and code NOOKBASH25 to get the second book for 25% off!
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I really hope those of you who haven't read one or both of these books takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity and it would be great if you pass on this information to your friends as well! And check out all the other wonderful books available for free as well!

Happy reading and warmest wishes always,
April Kihlstrom

Note: Because there's been some confusion, I'm adding the following information about how to get the free and discounted books.


1: Visit on your desktop or device (coupons cannot be redeemed on a NOOK device or inside the NOOK app)

2: Add featured ebook(s) to cart

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I don't often post these days, but I wanted to share some thoughts with you today about 9/11:

17 years ago today, I watched in horror, as we all did, as the towers came down. I have loved ones in NYC and worried for their safety. I mourned for all the lives lost. I cheered the courage of those who went in to help. I pondered what it would mean for our country--and the world. All around me I saw people rise to be their best. I also saw people begin to cling to whatever scrap of control they could--because it was so scary feeling helpless. People who are afraid do not behave well. All around me, I see people who still carry that fear--and desperately try to keep things the way it used to be. When they felt safe. But the world changes. Life cannot be controlled. We either go forward with hope and a determination to create the best possible world or we slide backwards into darkness. I wish for all of us the courage to choose hope. To choose kindness and love and building each other up, not tearing each other down. That would be the real victory over what happened 17 years ago.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Too Oft Betrothed

We all have books of the heart. Too Oft Betrothed is one of mine. 
This book is dedicated to my son and to every child and adult who the world sees as handicapped or disabled or mentally challenged—or whatever the latest buzz words might be. I hope it encourages my readers to realize that people like my son and like Matthew are capable of much more than the world often realizes. Our lives are richer when we look with open eyes and get to know them and discover who they really are. 


A brother with a disability, a fiancé lost at sea, a truly nasty villainess and an American in London in 1812 while feelings still run high between Britain and the former colonies . . . what could possibly go wrong?
Judith Bosworth, of Philadelphia, loved Mr. Gilbert but he was captured by the British and they say he was lost at sea. She arrives in London, with her beloved mentally challenged brother, Matthew, in tow, determined to find out what really happened to Mr. Gilbert and whether a doctor there can help Matthew. 

Sir Richard Warfield thought it would be a good idea for his mother to invite Miss Bosworth to visit. Now he must shepherd both Judith and her brother safely through the shoals of London society. His task is even more complicated when a former love tries to destroy not only him but any possible object of his affection.

Together they must find a way to outwit those who would harm them—or Judith's beloved brother—and the answers she seeks. Love wasn't supposed to be part of the equation.

Note: The primary romance has been totally rewritten in this updated version of the book which was previously published as a Signet Traditional Regency with the original title of Twice Betrothed. 

Available In These Formats

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Note:  Some long time readers of my books may recognize parts of Too Oft Betrothed as being very much like another book of mine, Twice Betrothed, written and published years ago as a Signet Traditional Regency Romance. I have never been happy with some of the choices I made, in a misguided effort to write what I thought would please my editor so she would agree to publish the book. When I got the rights back, I was determined never again to let it see the light of day unless I completely rewrote the primary romance. I'm delighted to have accomplished this and can now release the revised book with a new title: Too Oft Betrothed.