The Langford Series

THE RECKLESS BARRISTER, THE WILY WASTREL and THE SENTIMENTAL SOLDIER form the Langford trilogy and two of the books have appearances by Uncle Frederick from AN OUTRAGEOUS PROPOSAL (from the Westcott series). HIS LORDSHIP TAKES A TUMBLE is a prequel novella for the series.

I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

It was a simple idea: 3 brothers make a pact never to marry but what happens when fate and cupid have other plans for them?

His Lordship Takes A Tumble

A Langford Series Short Regency Novella

I have always wanted to tell George and Athenia's story. Now I have the chance with this NEW traditional Regency novella! 

George, Lord Darton needs a bride of utter propriety. Athenia needs a husband because of her own folly. Circumstances throw them together, need drives this marriage of convenience. And yet, when it’s least expected, the two discover love isn’t so impossible, after all—and Lord Darton’s brothers discover how badly they’ve misjudged their eldest brother and his wife, all these years.


The Reckless Barrister available at Regency Reads. This was originally a Signet Regency which came out in 1999.

When Philip Langford makes a pact with two of his brothers that none of them will marry, he isn't counting on meeting the unconventional Miss Emily Ashbourne. He knows she is trouble from the moment she comes to his office and demands that he do the impossible. What he cannot know is how easily she will steal into his heart and turn all his own plans upside down!

**** "April Kihlstrom proves why she is an enduring favorite.......Add a dash of intrigue, and you get a delicious, savory treat with the tart taste of originality to embellish your reading pleasure."--Romantic Times

5 Gold ***** Heartland Critiques

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The Wily Wastrel is available at Regency Reads. It was originally released as a Signet Regency in 1999.

Appearances are deceiving as this apparently frippery fellow tries to hide his natural genius for invention from his disapproving older brother, Lord Darton. He has no interest in the silly young ladies who are forever being paraded before him as possible wives. But what happens when he meets a young lady with a mind as fine as his own?

Top Regency pick for October 1999 by Romantic Times Magazine and nominated by Romantic Times Magazine for best Regency of 1999.

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The Sentimental Soldier, a Signet Regency from 2000 is available at Regency Reads.

Colonel Harry Langford meets his match in a young woman who masquerades as a Moroccan prince, a nun and a male gypsy! He can and will protect her from everyone except, perhaps, himself.

5***** Heartland Critiques, top Regency pick for February 2000 by Romantic Times Magazine

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