Friday, September 01, 2017

FREE Ebooks

Crazy as it seems, I forgot to share some important information with all of you!

First, an apology. A car accident this spring put me behind on a great many things. I am now trying to catch up but that's why you haven't heard from me in a while.

Second, I know some of you much prefer print books. I've finally managed to make Harriet Tangles With The Earl available in print. I'll give the links below for Amazon and for I've begun experimenting, you see, with Nook print option. I think, though I may be mistaken, that with the B&N option, you could go into your local Barnes & Noble store and have them order a copy for you. So here are the links for Harriet Tangles With The Earl.

 (And yes, I will get to the free ebook giveaway in a moment!)

Now to the free ebooks. A group of sweet romance authors have gotten together to offer our readers free ebooks. I'm offering The Ambitious Baronet. Even if you've read the book, odds are you will find quite a few other books you might like to read and new authors you might like to discover.

Note: Some of the authors do require you to sign up for their newsletter to get the free book. I have chosen not to do that so you can get the ebook for free simply by going through this link. I want as many readers as possible to enjoy The Ambitious Baronet.

Here is the link to the giveaway:

The site will take you through all the steps to download the ebooks in your preferred format. This is the only place many of the ebooks--including mine--are available for free.  Enjoy!