Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sometimes Things Go Wrong

As hard as I try to get things right, sometimes I make mistakes and things go disastrously wrong.

Example: Two weeks ago I released a new book. Wonderful! Great joy on my part! A couple of days later I started to work on formatting the file for paperback and realized I'd left out the copyright  notice on that and a previous book. So I hastily added the copyright page and reformatted the files for ebook and uploaded everywhere.

Great, right? Except that yesterday I woke to a notice from Amazon that when I uploaded to Harriet Tangles With The Earl on Amazon, I apparently uploaded the wrong file! Even though I immediately replaced it with the correct file, the book was off sale for 24 hours and I can only hope that everyone who bought the book before that automatically got the corrected file from Amazon.

I checked the files at other vendors and those are okay. Thank heavens!

If you are someone who got the wrong file from Amazon and they did NOT send you the update with the correct file, here are the instructions to get that file:

Go to Amazon, click on "My Account", then "Manage my devices and content"--which will show the books you've purchased. Next to the title of Harriet's book, is a box for "action". If you click on that, update the book should be an option. If none of this works, please let me know and I will see what I can do from this end to get Amazon to get you the update. My deepest apologies for the mix-up!

Here is the cover of the book that was caught in the mix-up--in case you're wondering.  

I am so sorry! You can be sure I'll be double checking things in the future.