Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Every morning this week I’ve sat drinking my coffee and looking out at my garden and counted my blessings.

I have a tendency to worry. I have a tendency to see potential drawbacks to opportunities. Hey, I’m a writer—I have a good imagination! But this tendency used to limit me a great deal. Until I realized that if I stopped and reminded myself of all the things good in my life and all the successes I’ve had and all the times things have gone right then I was far more likely to find solutions to problems that did arise and to embrace new opportunities. Plus it just plain felt better.

The good thing about counting my blessings is that it reminds me how some of the scariest changes in my life have turned out for the best. I’m able to be happy for the successes and good fortunes of others and to let go of anger I’d be likely to hold onto if I could only see the challenges in my own life.

I hope that you are able to see the blessings in your life, especially when the challenges seem preeminent. My friend who had the breast cancer was back in surgery yet again yesterday. It’s been a frustrating and scary time for her. She’s holding onto the knowledge of all the people who care about her and all the times she’s beaten health challenges in the past. I’m holding onto that, too.

Wishing all of you lots of blessings and time to stop and count them.


Cindy said...

April, You probably don't remember but we met at the East of Eden Writing conference last September. I love that you wrote about gratitude and blessings -- it's so easy to ignore them and focus on the negative! Ouch! It doesn't ever help us, does it? I hope you are well. Reading your blog is inspiring me to begin my own--just as learning your method of writing a book in a week last year -- inspired me to get serious! Thanks so much! Cindy Luck

April said...


Thanks for stopping by. You're right, it doesn't help us to focus on the negative--it only gets in the way because when we're upset our brain doesn't function as clearly as it does when we're happy.

I'm so glad you're trying out the book in a week method. Please let me know how it works out for you!