Sunday, September 09, 2007

Life and Writing

A while back, Barbara Samuel (one of my favorite authors) talked about how life and writing are intertwined. I knew then that she was right (it was a fabulous speech!) and every now and then something happens to reinforce the message for me.

That happened this week. I’ve been doing a Book in a Week to try to write a completely new version of Pink Refrigerator. The heroine isn’t me, though she is making a cross country trip alone as I did, but as I’m writing her story and she’s having epiphanies about her life, I’m having epiphanies about mine. There are things I wish I’d been smart enough to realize on my trip the way she is on hers.

If we’re writers, we can’t entirely separate writing and life. And maybe that’s a good thing. It’s out of that profound connection I believe that we are able to write the stories that touch hearts and have a chance to change minds. It’s when that connection is powerful for us, I suspect, that we write the deepest emotion and create the stories that come alive for our readers.

In any event, I found myself thinking this week that even if no one else ever wants to read the Pink Refrigerator, I will be profoundly glad that I took the time to write it!


Cathy Writes Romance said...

It is therapeutic when our characters absorb and exhibit the wisdom we gain through our lives.

You're a BIAW inspiration.

Sharona Nelson said...

Yes, yes, YES! This post contained an epiphany for me. :-)


Cindy Luck said...

Yes! I agree, too. Often I see myself creeping through into my characters --prhaps as a way to work something out, or add just a little juice they didn't have before! Either way it works!Thanks for the reminder!

April said...

Glad the post spoke to all of you. This is something that always happens, to some degree, when I write but with this book it's even more pronounced than usual. But hey--it's making for a better story AND I'm happy to be making the realizations I am about my own life.