Thursday, January 10, 2008

Opossum in My Back Yard

The other day I saw an opossum in my back yard. Wish I’d thought to grab the camera! It was very cute and made me smile and I found myself thinking once again how blessed I am to be here.

I’ve started teaching my online class and I’m so excited about having the chance to share what I know with so many other writers. I love making things easier and more fun—including writing!

I also find winter a time when I get a new sense of self and how I want my life to go forward in the coming year. This is when I dream big dreams and begin to take the steps that make them happen. I suspect it’s no coincidence that some of the biggest steps I’ve taken in my life began in winter.

What changes do you look forward to making in your lives this year? What dreams are you dreaming? What wonderful new possibilities do you see opening up in your life this year? And what JOYFUL steps could you take to make them happen?

Note that I capitalized the word “joyful.” That’s because I believe that changes grounded in fun, in things we care deeply about, that make us feel good are the ones we are most likely to make and to succeed at.

Wishing for all of us—YOU and me—joyful changes this year!


Lara Lee said...

I'm the opposite. I plan all these wonderful goals for myself and then all I want to do in January is hibernate. I've always been that way. Which is a real shame as I have more time in this month than in any other. Your online class would’ve been welcome to help get me jumpstarted. Too bad I'm just now discovering your website and blog.

I am a new writer and an aspiring author. I’ve set some big goals for myself this year. I have to admit that the added pressure is taking much of the fun out of writing. I need to find that excitement that I had last year when I started.

I am enjoying your website and plan to try the Book In A Week challenge. I love how you have the process all mapped out. It would be great to get some of my writing friends interested in doing the challenge with me. :)

April said...

Lara Lee, Hey, the good thing is that you KNOW this is how you feel! That means you don't have to try to fight it. Instead see how you can use it to do what you want to do. If January is a time to hibernate, then maybe it's a time to brainstorm. Maybe it's a time to dream dreams and imagine possibilities. Do the prep work, in a sense, so that you can hit the gorund running in your more productive months.

Lara Lee said...

Thank you. I was at a particularly low point last night and needed to hear those words. I'll keep them in mind as I work to get through this month and reach for my goals.

It sounds as if you are in a wonderful place. I love the feeling of nature around me. I live right on a scenic river and the wildlife is fascinating to watch. I just have to be reminded to do so sometimes. But it does reach down and pull something out of us and makes us glad to be alive. I find it centers me.