Friday, January 25, 2008


Magic. That’s what we do as writers. We create worlds that didn’t exist before—or reveal them in ways most people don’t see. We put words to emotions and offer possibilities others might not think of.

If we write mysteries, we get to create a world in which justice prevails.

If we write science fiction we get to create worlds in which we might like to live.

If we write romance we create a model for the best of how men and women can come together—empowering both and diminishing neither. We get to write about honor and commitment and caring about the people around us. We get to write about men and women being true to themselves—and still finding love. And isn’t love the most fundamental of human needs?

We get to create magic. We get to go places most people never see. We get to make events work out the way we want them to.

If we write nonfiction, we get to share knowledge and ideas that otherwise people might never discover. We get a shot at changing lives, advancing knowledge—and perhaps even changing the world in which we live.

There’s real magic in what we do as writers. I hope that none of us ever forget that as we write our books. It is a trust that readers place in us and it matters.

I hope that if you are not a writer, that you feel a sense of magic as you read books. I hope they bring joy and hope and understanding and knowledge into your life so that you feel it is at least a little richer for having read a given book.

Happy writing and reading, everyone!