For many years now, I've offered coaching to published authors. I still do so--but on a very limited basis now.

I don't name names, though I am always grateful when clients pass the word to others about my work.

If you are interested, please contact me via email

If I don't feel I can be of help, I say so before the person ever pays a penny.

My goal is to give you tools so you can use and adapt them whenever new challenges crop up in a way that writing enriches your life and you still get to do the things that matter most to you.

I am a big believer that our brains work best when we are feeling good about ourselves and believe in what we can do and when we are having fun.

Because I cannot coach everyone, I'm going to put some questions here to ask yourself that may help YOU figure out the answers you need. At the very least, it will be a starting point if you do contact me for coaching.


1) What brings you joy in life?

2) What do you love about writing?

3) What is your biggest challenge or road block when it comes to writing?

4) Brainstorm at least 3 possible solutions to question 3.

5) Repeat 3 and 4  if there are other major challenges or road blocks that get in the way of writing.

6) Brainstorm at least 3 ways to incorporate things you love and/or make you smile into EVERY writing day.

7) What do you love most about writing?

To help with the questions above, I'm going to list some suggestions I give all my coaching clients.


1) I encourage everyone to make a list--as long a list as possible--of things that warm your heart and/or make you smile and EVERY DAY to do at least 3 to 5 things from that list. These may be things you already do but there is power in consciously choosing to do them as a gift to yourself. And on your worst days, do even more of the things from your list!

It's proof to yourself that no matter what, you have the power to--even if it's only for a moment--make yourself feel better and smile.

It also builds your emotional resilience so you can better cope with whatever challenges are going on in your life.

2) I encourage everyone to make a list--as long a list as possible--of successes you've had in your life.

You can pull it out and look at it any time you feel overwhelmed or as if you can't do something. It's evidence--proof!--to yourself that you CAN overcome challenges, you CAN do things. It may sound silly but it WILL help.

Note: I strongly suggest actually writing down both lists because the moments you need them most will be the precise moments it will be hardest for you to remember anything on either list. But mentally doing the exercise is certainly better than not doing it at all!


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