Monday, September 21, 2020

Lady Catherine's Salon

I hope this post finds you all well. It's been so long since I did a blogpost that some of you may think I gave up writing them! 2020 has had a profound impact on me and my loved ones, just as I'm sure it has for all of you. My heart goes out to every one of you and my fervent prayer is that by this time next year we are all in a far happier place.
Today I'd like to share with you that for the week starting Monday, September 21, 2020, I will be a guest at During the week, I will be talking about my books and some of the research I've done as well as perhaps posting photographs of some of the Regency type items I've collected--including gowns I've worn for booksignings and public appearances over the years. I hope you'll join me there!

Mind you, an assemble yourself table that turned out to have a defective key part means I'm scrambling to find a way to photograph my gowns, gloves, hat, fans, jewelry, etc in time for this week's event so it's all up in the air what day I'll be able to feature those and even how much I can figure out how to photograph at all! But that's life right now and all I can do is take a deep breath, laugh and try to get creative. 

I'll also be sharing some of the reasons some of my books have been so important to me.

In honor of that visit, I've put my Magic Locket Series Boxset on sale for $2.99 for the week. I love this series and hope readers will too! 

Once and only once, when each sister, in turn, looks into the locket, she sees the man she is meant to marry. Is it true or only a legend? And what if she never meant to marry at all?

The set contains the following books:  

The Ambitious Baronet

1st book in the “Magic Locket” series: Alexandra Barlow is determined never to marry.  She'd rather rescue children.  Sir Robert Stamford has been sent to track down the very children she is protecting.  It will not be easy to overcome the obstacles between them.  But a magic locket may prove to be the key


The Widower’s Folly

2nd book in the “Magic Locket” series: Theresa Barlow writes stories, magical stories for children. Lord Rivendale has a daughter who cannot speak and the only way to reach her seems to be through Miss Barlow’s books. Both are wary of love, but in trying to help the child Anna, Tessa and William discover they have much more in common than either would have thought.

The Soldier’s Bride

3rd book in the “Magic Locket” series: Lisbeth Barlow marries Lord Thomas Kepley just as he is about to return to war.  He is reported drowned, but a year and a half later, he reappears.  Together they must find a way to salvage their marriage even though he does not believe her child is his.

You can find the boxset here:

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Whether you join me at Lady Catherine's Salon or not this week, I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish for each of you happiness in equal or greater measure than any pain 2020 has brought you thus far.

Warmest wishes always,
April Kihlstrom