Wayward Widows Series

Book 1:  Harriet Tangles With The Earl

The Wayward Widows series features three widows who band together and try to balance their desire to be respectable with the need to support themselves after being left penniless by their husbands' deaths.

Book 1--Harriet Tangles With The Earl--involves a duel of wits between an enterprising young widow and a disapproving earl. Each turns the other's world upside down. Ultimately, they must join together to defeat an enemy who is determined to force Harriet to become his mistress and destroy the Earl of Darrowfield--as well as everything and everyone he values. Together, they discover love, laughter, adventure and that their differences matter far less than the happiness they could create together.

It's been a lot of fun to write and I hope will make readers laugh out loud as well as feel a great deal of empathy for my characters.

Note: I am working on the paperback version but it may be a while before it is available. 

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Note: If you bought the Amazon version (and only the Amazon version was affected), you may have received the wrong file. The issue has been corrected and Amazon should have sent you an automatic update to the file. If not, you can get the correct file by going to Amazon, clicking on "My Account", then "Manage my devices and content" which will show the books you've purchased. Next to the title of Harriet's book, is a box for "action". If you click on that, update the book should be an option. If none of this works, please let me know and I will see what I can do from this end to get Amazon to get you the update. My deepest apologies for the mix-up!