Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver

I realized that’s what I would love to be—The Problem Solver. Someone people can call when they want advice or help with anything from how to give an effective presentation to how to survive a divorce to how to unclog a toilet without a plunger or auger using dishwashing liquid.

I love coming up with solutions to things and what I can’t figure out, I know how to research. My mind works in quirky ways and I think of things most people wouldn’t. People will be able to email me questions and if I can help, we set up a time to talk and the fee would be based on the length of that call.

One suggestion, by the way--always pay attention to statements from your insurance company. I was able to get an $85 refund by doing so. (Oh, and always have copies of those statements that you can give a doctor or dentist’s office, if necessary.)

This doesn’t mean I'll stop writing or coaching and teaching writing workshops—I love doing all those things. This is just an additional way to help people.

Well, back to working on my manuscript in progress. I am, after all, hosting a Book In A Week challenge for two email loops this week and I always write along with everyone else!