Saturday, March 11, 2006

Health Insurance, Pt. 3

Someone reminded me that I haven’t posted here what happened about my search for health insurance. I now have health insurance. (Well, I’m told I do, I haven’t actually gotten the letter saying so.... Another advantage to working with an agent—he could get the information long before I will.)

I’m lucky. I’m in good health and I qualified at a rate I can afford. I may not be thrilled at the cost of health insurance, but I have it. It does remind me, though, that many people are not as fortunate. The double whammy, of course, is that people who can’t get or afford health insurance on their own are the ones likely to be charged 4 to 10 times the amount that insurance companies pay for procedures.

We need some kind of universal health coverage in this country. It's not right that people should have to face bankruptcy if they get sick or not be able to get treatment that's needed because they can't afford to do so. I'm lucky. I was able to get health insurance. But I can't help being aware of all the people who are not so fortunate.

One good thing about all of this is that it reminded me that my health is, to some degree, in my hands. Although my health profile is already good, I found myself walking more (I’m up to at least 8000 steps every day now) and tweaking my diet just a little.

Now on another note.....

I have an alarm system. I put down a code word. I accidentally set off my alarm system when I opened a door before I turned off the alarm. Unfortunately, I forgot what code word I had put down. Fortunately, I remembered the correct code word before they sent the police. Just a little bit of excitement on a Saturday morning!

Anyway, that’s the latest here.