Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lost in the Story

I just realized that I’m a few days overdue to post. That’s what happens when a writer gets caught up in the words—either reading or writing them. I was doing both. I was reading a manuscript and marveling at all the ways words can come together to create a story—the ways that work and the ones that don’t and why.

I was also working on notes for my next project—a sequel to the one that one the Paranormal category of the PASIC contest. I want to send that first manuscript out, you see, and can’t unless I have the bones of the next story worked out so that I can properly set things up in this one. So many possibilities! So many wonderful, fun possibilities!

Shall I focus on an older sister and her unrequited passion for a “normal” human when she knows what life has been like for her mother? Or should I write the story of the eldest brother—the one who has heretofore shouldered all the responsibility in the family protecting his siblings? Or should I choose one of the younger ones, off to London for the very first time? Decisions, decisions, decisions....

What a joy it is to be able to go into the worlds of my characters! What fun to be able to set them at odds with one another and see the ways they change and grow as they figure their way out of one challenge after another. What satisfaction to know that in the worlds I create things always work out in the end and men and women come together in ways that empower BOTH of them and diminish neither.

So if I’m late occasionally with my blog posts, you’ll know that odds are it’s because I’ve once again gotten lost in the world of my stories!

Have a great week everyone,