Sunday, July 08, 2007

Demented Parenting vs. Writing

How writing is like parenting—especially the kind I’ve just been dealing with:

1) Years of work (often with no pay) with no guarantee how it will turn out and even if we like the results, there’s no guarantee anyone else will.

2) Lots of time spent praying—for inspiration, patience, survival (ours or theirs), etc.

3) Need to be creative.

4) Just because we’ve given birth to them (child or characters in a story) doesn’t mean they will always do what we say.

5) A sense of humor is essential.

6) Occasions when just chucking it all looks like a good idea.

7) An ability to roll with the punches is essential.

8) Our creations (children or stories) can surprise us in unexpected ways—some of them truly wonderful.

9) Lots of sleepless nights.

10) Immense frustration at times and immense joy.

11) We need to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves about what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong.

12) We need to be open to learning new ways of doing things and to feedback.

13) We need to trust our instincts.

14) We’re all doing the best we can—hoping that we and our creations make it and are successful.

15) Sometimes feeling desperate for adult conversation instead of only interacting with our creations.

16) Did I mention there will be lots of prayers and sleepless nights?

Well, that should be the end of the Demented Parenting Monologues—at least for the moment.

Now to get ready for my workshops at the Beau Monde and RWA Conferences!