Friday, March 07, 2008

Next Class

I've been putting off announcing the next classes because I was trying to decide on timing.--what with Spring Breaks and Easter happening in March and Passover in April. What I finally decided is that I would offer the classes anyway and hope for the best. I promised a number of people that I would offer the Book in a Week class again in March so here it is...

The lessons will be designed in such a way that they can be done at your own pace but in the order they are sent out. If you've ever heard me speak then you know that I believe in making the writing process as easy and intuitive as possible. That's what this course is designed to do.

Book in a Week will run 5 weeks from (March 17 to April 18) (There will be no lessons the weekend of Good Friday/Easter.)
Cost $40 (this time only--the price may go up in the future)
Deadline to sign up: March 14

To sign up send an email to April with Book in a Week in the header and in the body of the email please put: your name, the class you wish to take and whether you prefer to pay by check or Paypal. (You can either use the send money option in Paypal or ask me to send you an invoice.)

Note: Class size will be limited to 35 students maximum

The class will be run by having members sign onto an email loop and lessons will arrive via that loop. Lesons will also be posted in the file section of the email loop so that students can download any missed lessons directly. There will be opportunity for discussion on the loop.

Class Description: Book in a Week

In this class, writers will be taken through every step of the writing process—from beginning to brainstorm all the way through sending material out to be published.

Weeks 1-3: Preparing to write the first draft of a book in one week
Creating compelling characters or how to write about real people in nonfiction
Planning plot elements or structure in a nonfiction book
Significance of names
Effective paragraph and sentence structure
Using imagery and sensory detail to add impact
Writing effective dialogue
Creating a productive writing environment
Enlisting the support of those around you
Mentally gearing yourself up to write faster (and better) than you thought you could

Week 4: Intensive Writing Week (April 6 to April 12)

Week 5: Evaluating the writing experience itself
Making revisions
Sending out material

I look forward to having some of you take the class!

Happy Writing everyone!

PS I don't expect to always post here when I'm offering a class. You'll notice a button at the side to sign up for an email loop that is set up to let people know when I have a class being offered.