Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Impact of Weather

It's beautiful out today. Mild and sunny and the sort of day that drew me to Texas in the first place. I love that it's so beautiful out and I find myself noticing how much happier I feel than when the weather is overcast or cold and gloomy for extended periods of time. Which, of course, makes me think

It makes me think about how, in bad weather, if we can step back and cut other people—and ourselves—some slack, our lives are likely to be smoother and happier.

If we're writers, it reminds me that climate and geography help to shape cultures and individuals. It's one more tool we can use in our writing if we are consciously aware of the impact that weather has—on our characters and on our readers. Just by choosing the right weather, we can evoke the emotions we want to add impact to the ones we put on the page.