Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 and a new class

New Year's are a funny thing. Just a date on a calendar. And yet we invest the date with such meaning. Maybe it's because it's so useful to have a reason to stop and rethink our priorities and our lives and the patterns with which we live them. The New Year is a chance to do just that.

If we're writers and we're writing about the new year, it can be really useful to consider how the people in what we're writing react. What they choose to look at and changes they choose to make or even the choice not to do these things highlights personalities in a very powerful way and create emotional points of connection for readers of the story or article.

I am offering an entirely new class this new year. It's for the Beau Monde and a real bargain. Here's the link to my class 7 Days of Motivation which is about jumpstarting your writing for 2010. Since it's being offered by the Beau Monde, you need to sign up through that link.

I hope that 2010 brings all of us joy, increasingly good health, love and much success in everything you do!