Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Author's Cut of a book

Let me start by saying I've had really good editors. Both Hilary Ross and Talia Platz made my books better by the questions they asked and input they gave me.

Sometimes, however, an author's vision just differs from the editor's. This happened to me with MISS TIBBLES INTERFERES. Now that I have the rights back to the book, I can put out a double volume which includes both the "author's cut" and the "editor's cut" of the book.

In this case, I had some of the digital files I needed to create the author's cut but I also had a fair amount of new writing to do to make it all work. It was both fun and a challenge. Which version will readers prefer? I have no idea but I want to include those elements I feel give the story a deeper emotional depth.

If you read the double volume and strongly prefer one version or the other, I hope you'll let me know. One way I grow as a writer is by hearing how readers feel about the choices I make.

The double volume of MISS TIBBLES INTERFERES is available now as an e-book for Kindle and Nook.