Monday, September 16, 2013

Strange Feeling

It's a strange feeling seeing my first three published books available again. The were published in the late 70s and Amazon has re-released them thanks to buying out Avalon--my first publisher. Unlike my later books, these three were contemporary romances. They reflect how society viewed women and romance at the time--and how rebels reacted to those rules and attitudes.

If you've ever wondered about the difference between an author's first published book and her 32nd, you can find both PARIS SUMMER and DUTIFUL WIFE available now.

If you've ever been intimidated thinking a book has to be perfect or follow all the "rules" to be published, check out TRONDELAINE CASTLE (and the other 2).  Something made an editor want to buy those books!

These three books are also a glimpse into attitudes and expectations both in society and for romance novels in that time period--though I broke more than a few rules and I am profoundly grateful to Avalon for letting me do so!

At the same time, there were rules I didn't know about until the first drafts were done and I had to go back and make changes--sometimes significant changes. Sometimes the changes were made for me.

So...if you're curious, whether about my first books or about romance novels from the late 70s or just about how people thought and felt back then, I hope you'll read and love my first three novels.

Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

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