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Speaking Engagements:

Getting ready for JeRoWriMo

Program: 10,20, 30 minutes to writing your novel and getting ready for writing 30,000 words in a month.

When: January 16, 2016
Where: New Jersey Romance Writers Meeting
               Hotel Woodbridge at MetroPark
               120 Wood Avenue South, Iselin, NJ 


Romance Reader Social 

When: February 13, 1016 from 2 to 3:30 p.m.  
Where: Pflugerville Public Library 
             1008 W. Plugger Street
             Pflugerville, TX 78660


CURRENT BOOKS (Descriptions, blurbs and links to purchase below this list or on other pages as noted.)

APRIL KIHLSTROM'S BOOK IN A WEEK WORKBOOK (description and links shown on the Book in a Week page)



WRITING TIPS FOR KIDS (and adults) (shown on Sophy Page)

REGENCIES (shown on Regency page)

MISS TIBBLES INVESTIGATES (Regency mystery romance)
MISS TIBBLES INTERFERES (Regency mystery romance--double volume with author's cut and editor's cut)

REGENCIES (shown on this page)


Contemporary Romances (from the very beginning of my career when I had no clue what I was doing and when the role of and expectations for women were very different than they are now):




A scandalous rake and a sheltered young woman are pressed by their parents into a betrothal. It isn’t real, of course it isn’t. How could it be when they are so wildly mismatched? And yet there is something that draws them together. Can she tame the rake and can he tease out the real woman inside the prim and proper girl?

Note: This was originally published as Signet Traditional Regency in 1987

Available versions:


A young lady who wants to be an actress and a captain forced to resign his commission. Neither is what he or she seems, both carry the risk of ruin. Can they rescue each other and find happiness together? Toss in an evil stepfather and any number of well-meaning friends and who knows what will happen?

Note: This was originally published as Signet Traditional Regency in 1988

kindle version
nook version



SOPHY GOES TO DOGGY CAMP is the second in a series of Sophy Books written for my 37 year old son with Down syndrome that feature the rescued shelter dog Sophy. In SOPHY GOES TO DOGGY CAMP, Sophy has to go to respite care while her mom goes on a trip.

As with SOPHY’S STORY, this book is designed to appeal to all young children and anyone who loves dogs as well as to be accessible to special needs individuals like the author’s son who has Down Syndrome.

Kindle version
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Paperback version


Calista’s father, in life, never wished to dispense with her services as his assistant. In death, however, he has contrived a plan to force her into marriage as quickly as possible. His will not only thus tries to dispose of her future, but Mr. Frederick Leverton’s as well. Unfortunately for his scheme, Mr. Leverton is already married but his friend, John Witton is not. When Mr. Witton agrees to accompany his friend to visit Leverton’s new wards, he has no notion he will fall in love with one of the daughters of the house. But is Calista the sweet young woman she seems or is she as scheming and manipulative as the woman he and Leverton both once loved?

Note: This was originally released as a Signet Regency in 1989.

Available now for kindle and nook and kobo and and iTunes and Google Play and in paperback.

 Note: The paperback version is only available through Amazon. This choice allowed me to offer it at a significantly lower price than I could have, if I had made it more widely available.


Waterloo, Wellington, what happens in France AFTER Waterloo, all of these play a role in Miss Redmond's Folly.

Eleanor’s only fault is loving too easily. Taken in by the notorious Comte de Beauvais, Eleanor finds herself on the way to Brussels, taken under the wing of the kind Mrs. Milford and her brother Mr. Frederick Leverton. In the shadow of the Battle of Waterloo and travel from Brussels to Paris after Wellington’s victory, Eleanor must decide whether to continue to guard her heart from Mr. Leverton or to take the safest route of never loving again.
Note: This was originally published as a Signet Regency in 1988.

Available for kindle and nook and kobo and in paperback and iTunes and Google Play.

Note: The paperback version is only available through Amazon. This choice allowed me to offer it at a significantly lower price than I could have, if I had made it more widely available.



My 37 year old son has Down Syndrome. Some time ago I became frustrated with the lack of books appropriate for him to read so I decided to create my own. SOPHY'S STORY is the first in what will be a series of books appropriate for young children as well as individuals like my son who are in some way mentally impaired.

The book features photographs of situations and emotions to which children and adults with special needs can relate.

Available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Google Play iBooks and in paperback.





What happens when a young woman visits Paris hoping to see her sister and discovering both love and herself instead?

Read PARIS SUMMER to see what an author's first book can be like and for a glimpse into the attitudes and experiences of the 1970s.

Note: This was first published by Avalon in 1977.

Available in paperback and kindle versions on Amazon.


What happens when a pretty young woman injures her ankle and needs to stay at the home of a wealthy aristocrat? Especially when he only sees a fortune hunter when he looks at her!

Available on Amazon in kindle and paperback versions.





When Ellen goes to Mexico City to visit her boyfriend, she expects a romantic vacation--not to find herself caught up in intrigue, drug smuggling, betrayal and running for her life!

Available on Amazon in kindle and paperback versions.



Elizabeth Mayfield is the wildly successful author of several lurid novels written under the pseudonym of Mrs. Bethfrey. Basingstoke is a bored and disillusioned earl who makes a wager that somewhere there is a woman who would marry him without knowing his title or wealth. When they meet, it is both a match and a clash of wills certain to alter both their destinies.

Note: This was originally released as a Traditional Regency by Signet in 1991.

Available for Kindle and Nook and kobo and large print paperback and iTunes and Google Play.



Rebecca Stanwood, an American in England with her stepbrother to try to connect with family, must undertake a dangerous masquerade to hide from the evil intentions of the notorious Lord Templeton and his plans for her and the newly resurrected Hell Fire Club. What happens when she starts to fall in love with the handsome Mr. Ransford who thinks she’s only his scullery maid?

Note: This was originally released as a Traditional Regency by Signet in 1992.
Available for Kindle and Nook and kobo  and iTunes and Google Play and paperback



         Most of us write linearly but brainstorm in a nonlinear way. If one thinks of writing a book as being similar to putting together a puzzle, this workbook is intended to help writers create key puzzle pieces. This workbook is intended to help writers brainstorm and plan out their books in a way that is organic.
         April Kihlstrom was one of the first writers to embrace the concept of Book in a Week. She has been teaching the material in workshops and online classes for years. All of the material in this book comes from her experience both as a multi-published author and in teaching these workshops and classes.

"April's questions will make you explore your ideas -- and give you new ones. They will challenge you to develop the full potential out of your story."--Anne  McAllister, award winning author contemporary romances

“Through the series of questions that April asks she makes each author delve deeply into their character and story line. April's questions make you think about how your character's history, social standing, occupation, family position, and more impacts how they handle the various situations we authors toss them into. At the end of April's class you have a deep understanding of your characters that writing the story will be a breeze.”--Ruth Seitelman, published author

“I will be forever grateful for the month I spent doing your lessons in BIAW. The lessons were, indeed, thought-provoking. The questions you asked me to answer made me really think about where I was going with my book, and how I could make it the most interesting. I worried that, since I am writing non-fiction, I might not get value from it, but I was wrong. I appreciated the way you posed questions for both fiction and non-fiction writers.Thank you so much for all of your kind help.”--Robin Heart Shepperd, nonfiction
Available for kindlenook kobogoogle playiBooks and in paperback on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


3rd book in the “Magic Locket” series: Lisbeth marries Lord Thomas Kepley just as he is about to return to war.  He is reported drowned, but a year and a half later, he reappears.  Together they must find a way to salvage their marriage even though he does not believe her child is his.

“...fans of Regency romance are sure to enjoy this lively tale with its nonstop action and the author’s usual charming narrative.”--Romance Reviews Today

“...Readers who have met some of these characters in the two previous "Magic Locket" novels will be pleased to meet some old friends.  The story will captivate those encountering this enchanted token and these interesting characters for the first time.  The mysterious locket, the allure of a more elegant age, and the sweet love story of THE SOLDIER'S BRIDE all work together to make this a book worth lingering over.”--LDRS EBK Dazzle

Available for kindle and nook and kobo and iTunes and Google Play


      2nd book in the “Magic Locket” series: Theresa Barlow writes stories, magical stories for children. Lord Rivendale has a daughter who cannot speak and the only way to reach her seems to be through Miss Barlow’s books. Both are wary of love, but in trying to help the child Anna, Tessa and William discover they have much more in common than either would have thought.

"...a book worth passing down to a reader's own children some day."--Affaire de Coeur
“THE WIDOWER'S FOLLY is thoroughly enjoyable as a stand-alone. You don't need to read THE AMBITIOUS BARONET first, but once you delve into one, you'll want to read the others. So far, the three sisters and two heroes are quite distinct from each other in personality and interest, yet tied together by love, family and the mysterious locket. Faithful Regency readers are well aware of Ms Kihlstrom's fine novels; readers new to her works will find this an excellent place to start”--Jane Bowers

Available for kindle and nook and kobo and iTunes and Google Play

MISS TIBBLES INVESTIGATES (Regency mystery romance) 

When Miss Tibbles visits a former pupil she expects a quiet country retreat--not a dead body to appear!  Two young people, Julian and Pamela, soon discover she is their greatest ally--both in matters of mystery and of the heart. First in a series of Regency mystery romances. By the author of the acclaimed Westcott series.

“...Ms. Kihlstrom as a nice way of putting suspense into a traditional Regency novel featuring a remarkable heroine that gets to the heart of the matter with her brilliant deductions. April Kihlstrom has a most captivating character in Miss Tibbles!"--Suzanne Coleburn, The Belles and Beaux of Romance

Available now for Kindle and Nook and kobo and iTunes and Google Play

MISS TIBBLES INTERFERES (Regency mystery romance--double volume with author's cut and editor's cut)

 Note: The e-book version of Miss Tibbles Interferes has both the “author’s cut” and the“editor’s cut” of the story.
Colonel and Mrs. Merriweather (the former Miss Tibbles) are invited to the British Museum to sort out artifacts from the war. But nothing goes as planned. They must unravel a murder mystery as well as help the curator’s daughter, Ariel, discover the truth about the mysterious Captain William Stenciled
“ ...Whether or not one has read those previous stories of this undauntable governess giving cupid a helping hand, fans of Regency romance are sure to enjoy this lively tale with its nonstop action and the author’s usual charming narrative.”--Marcie McQuillan, Romance Reviews Today

 Available now for Kindle and Nook and Kobo and iTunes and Google Play.


When the Duke of Berenford becomes engaged to a woman he has never seen, what better way to catch a glimpse of his betrothed than by masquerading as a groom who most definitely does not know his place?

“Ms. Kihlstrom creates an engaging romance within a scintillating farce that will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart.”--RT

* * * * *---Heartland Critiques

"The book could not be more aptly titled. It is wickedly delightful. .. I dare anyone to read a paragraph about the intensity and feeling in Jeremy's eyes and not want to be taken into his arms yourself. “-- RENDEZVOUS

THE WICKED GROOM on Kindle  or Nook or Kobo or iTunes or Google Play.


  When Annabelle is widowed on her wedding day, she has no one to turn to but the mysterious David Carlton. But he is the heir and she cannot help but wonder if he was behind Richard’s death and whether loving him will destroy her as well.

"...another exciting Regency from the pen of one of the genres best writers. Her writing style, which is extremely well paced, always manages to bring the characters and setting alive. There is an enchanting heroine, a sensuous hero, and the always delightful Miss Tibbles. While this is a series about the Westcott daughters and their indomitable Governess, Miss Tibbles, each book can and does stand well on its own. But why deprive yourself; buy THE WICKED GROOM, the first book and indulge yourself."--Pat Kersten, RENDEZVOUS

* * * * *---Heartland Critiques

THE WIDOWED BRIDE for Kindle and Nook and Kobo and iTunes and Google Play


Lady Barbara wagers that she can successfully masquerade for one night as a barmaid in London. But how could she know that in that single night she would lose both her heart and her innocence to the notorious Lord Farrington?

“Ms. Kihlstrom has written yet another gem.  This book contains everything a reader could want--humor, dastardly villain, passion, an achingly vulnerable yet strong hero, and a trusting, spirited heroine.  The mixture is heady and delightful.  Another engaging romance by a master of the genre.”  RENDEZVOUS

 **** "April Kihlstrom's comedy of manners goes far beyond etiquette and appearances.  This riches-to-rags and back story is bold in its depiction of society and its ways of love.  If you want adventure, intrigue, and just some good fun, pick up this book.  It'll fill the bill."  --AFFAIRE DE COEUR

AN HONORABLE ROGUE for Kindle and Nook and Kobo and iTunes and Google Play.


When Rebecca rescues a street sweeping vagabond and brings him home, her family is appalled. When he steals her heart, she doesn't know where to turn. But with the Westcotts, nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Winner 1998 New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award

Ms. Kihlstrom once again delivers a delightful Regency read. This one has a heroine who is soft hearted and caring and a hero who believes he is not deserving of these qualities. Rebecca, for all her kind heartedness does not lack grit. I love this series and cannot wait for the stories of Penelope and the irrepressible Miss Tibbles. Curl up and enjoy an excellent read. RENDEZVOUS

THE RELUCTANT THIEF for Kindle and Nook and Kobo and iTunes and Google Play.


 No man is ever going to tell Penelope what to do--no way, no how, not ever!  To avoid marriage she is willing to enter into a false betrothal with a man who despises marriage as much as she does, only to discover it seems she loves the one man who cannot love her.  Note: This is the book with Uncle Frederick--a character who was considered somewhat controversial at the time.

Heartland Critiques--5 Gold Stars--“...Quite a wonderful finale to this family with the characters remaining true....”
"This frothy delight has rare appeal and freshness for the Regency connoisseur."--RT

AN OUTRAGEOUS PROPOSAL for Kindle and Nook and Kobo and iTunes and Google Play.


 Miss Tibbles. Colonel Merriweather. Both accustomed to command. What happens when they turn their attention to one another? Love, intrigue, interference from friends and family, all conspire to make certain their courtship is not an easy one!

5 Gold Stars--Heartland Critiques "...It is rare that a series can maintain as high a quality as this one has. The characters are a joy and so is the dialogue."

MISS TIBBLES' FOLLY for Kindle and Nook and Kobo and iTunes and Google Play.

DUTIFUL WIFE now for: and Nook and kobo and iTunes and Google Play

What happens when a Viscount must marry and he chooses a girl he thinks will be docile and sweet--but that's not who he gets? And what if having his life turned upside down is exactly what he needs?


Some books are very special to us as writers. THE AMBITIOUS BARONET is such a book for me. It's the first in the magic locket Barlow series.

Alexandra Barlow does not intend to marry—ever. And then she meets Sir Robert Stamford who has been sent to track down the very children she is protecting. Can she guard both her heart and keep the little ones safe?

Nook version

Kobo version   iTunes  Google Play

WRITING TIPS FOR KIDS is now available on Amazon for Kindle.

Writing is an essential skill. This short guide has tips on how to write effective essays, reports, stories and even how to give an effective speech. It includes core concepts presented in easy to understand terms

THE RECKLESS BARRISTER, THE WILY WASTREL and THE SENTIMENTAL SOLDIER form the Langford trilogy and two of the books have appearances by Uncle Frederick from AN OUTRAGEOUS PROPOSAL (from the Westcott series).

I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

The Sentimental Soldier, a Signet Regency from 2000 is available at Regency Reads.

Colonel Harry Langford meets his match in a young woman who masquerades as a Moroccan prince, a nun and a male gypsy! He can and will protect her from everyone except, perhaps, himself.

5***** Heartland Critiques, top Regency pick for February 2000 by Romantic Times Magazine

Nook version

The Wily Wastrel is available at Regency Reads. It was originally released as a Signet Regency in 1999.

Appearances are deceiving as this apparently frippery fellow tries to hide his natural genius for invention from his disapproving older brother, Lord Darton. He has no interest in the silly young ladies who are forever being paraded before him as possible wives. But what happens when he meets a young lady with a mind as fine as his own?

Top Regency pick for October 1999 by Romantic Times Magazine and nominated by Romantic Times Magazine for best Regency of 1999.

The Reckless Barrister available at Regency Reads. This was originally a Signet Regency which came out in 1999.

When Philip Langford makes a pact with two of his brothers that none of them will marry, he isn't counting on meeting the unconventional Miss Emily Ashbourne. He knows she is trouble from the moment she comes to his office and demands that he do the impossible. What he cannot know is how easily she will steal into his heart and turn all his own plans upside down!

**** "April Kihlstrom proves why she is an enduring favorite.......Add a dash of intrigue, and you get a delicious, savory treat with the tart taste of originality to embellish your reading pleasure."--Romantic Times

5 Gold ***** Heartland Critiques