Monday, November 28, 2005

More Thoughts on Coaching

Thank you to everyone who emailed me privately and to Eric who posted here. I actually do life coaching now—primarily for writers. And getting paid isn’t a problem. It’s not uncommon, once someone realizes what I have to offer, to have the person pay ahead—sometimes several months ahead. The thing I’m talking about would be in addition to that. There are people who can’t afford or don’t want months of coaching. They just have a practical problem that needs to be addressed now with a simple but effective solution. One shot coaching, in essence, as opposed to on going coaching, which tends to be the norm with life coaching.

I’m thinking maybe calling the service Easy Solutions to Life. No one seems to be using Easy Solutions as a company title yet.

The thing is that I believe solutions are much more likely to be implemented and change is far more likely to occur when it’s easy, when it’s done in a way that makes us smile. It’s so rare—at least it seems that way to me—that we are encouraged to do have fun doing things we need to do and yet that is the approach with which we are most likely to be effective, most likely to succeed, and most likely to actually do what needs to be done. addition to my current life coaching for writers, I’d love to just be able to do short term or one shot coaching with easy solutions to whatever challenge—big or small—people may have in their lives.

Thank you again, everyone, who gave me suggestions—you’re all terrific!