Monday, November 21, 2005

Sensible Solutions

I have been enjoying my fireplace and my tea pot and the delicate china cups and saucers my mother never used. I have also been talking with friends and helping some with things that came up and I realized that I’d love to coach not just writing and the writing life but....I’d love to offer one shot coaching on everything from buying a house (or selling one) to getting one’s finances in order to dealing with difficult relatives to being happier every day.

I’m good at that. It’s what friends often call me for. I come up with simple, sensible, solutions no one else would have thought of for things. But I’m not sure how to market it. I googled things like “sensible solutions” and “simple solutions” and “practical solutions” and there are lots of people and companies already using that. “Elegant solutions” is less popular but I’m not sure if it would scare people off. Anyone want to take a shot at brainstorming possible titles for my service?

Hoping that all of you are finding elegant and simple solutions to the challenges that arise in YOUR lives every day!