Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cowboys, Flat Tires, and Murder for Fun

First the flat tire. I was coming off the freeway and heard something, then felt the effects of a tire suddenly losing air. Fortunately, I WAS coming off the freeway and managed to pull into a gas station. Unfortunately, the gas station did not sell tires. The nearest place that did sell tires was a few more miles down the road so....my daughter assured me she knew how to change a tire. But a really nice guy stopped and did much of the work. Then, someone else offered to help, too. (Have I mentioned before how NICE people in Austin are?) The tire had a large puncture hole and clearly was not going to be fixable. My daughter finished up the getting the mini tire on, removed the jack and we were off to find a place that sold tires. We did. They were quick and it cost only $28 dollars. Again, I was struck by how nice everyone was.

The cowboys? Well, we’ll be going to Bandero, a cowboy town, in a couple of days. My daughter suggested it so we’ll take a day trip before she leaves to go back north. I’m sure I’ll be posting about that afterwards!

Finally murder for fun. My daughter and I are having lots of fun brainstorming a possible mystery plot for a party. I did this when she was growing up—created a couple of murder mysteries for her birthday parties. This is the same idea but more people and more complicated plot. We’ve got clues and motives and methods and characters and scenarios and we’re having a great time thinking up fiendish things to do to people.

Like any mother and daughter, we have had our moments of discord over the years. Now we’re able to be friends and I’m really enjoying that. I love discovering Austin with her. Every day she’s here is an adventure and a chance to discover each other as people as well as mother and daughter.

Wishing all of you some wonderful adventures with people in your life you love—though without, I hope, the flat tires!