Friday, December 23, 2005

Small Miracle

I was at the post office and on the way to the grocery store (I thought!) when I decided to check what the local Goodwill had for sale. I still need end tables and a coffee table after all. Well, I didn’t find those but I did find a chair. I found a green plush swivel rocker in surprisingly good shape and only $27. So, naturally, it came home with me—to heck with the grocery store!

A nice employee put the chair in the trunk for me and tied the trunk so it wouldn’t fly open since obviously the lid couldn’t close. It goes perfectly in my living room—just in time for my daughter’s visit with friends. After they are gone and/or when I get new, nicer furniture for my living room, then this chair can go in the sitting area of my master bedroom.

It was a lucky find--a small miracle, you might say. So was the discovery that my property taxes would be less than I expected this year. I’m really pleased about that, as you can imagine!

One reason I share all of this—aside from the fact that many of you have read my earlier posts about decorating woes—is that I’d been feeling a bit frazzled over a number of things. It would have been easy to slip into the mentality that things always go wrong. Instead, I find myself celebrating what can go right. Finding the chair and the good news about my property taxes makes that so much easier.

This is, as I have said before, a season that many groups associate with miracles. But miracles aren’t limited to the past. We can have wonderful surprises that are, in a sense, mini-miracles in our own lives. So...what I wish for all of you is that this is a season of miracles—big or small—in YOUR lives.