Monday, July 28, 2008

Dog Search Continues

Yesterday my daughter and I visited a local shelter. The Town Lake Animal Center in Austin is huge and has lots and lots of animals. We even saw some chickens! I filled out the questionnaire and got approved to adopt a dog. $75 for a pet that has been given its shots and has already been spayed or neutered is a real bargain. They get 50 to 100 dogs a day so I had high hopes.

We looked. I saw dogs with lovely temperaments and knew they would make great pets—for someone else. I saw a couple I liked—and of course they already had the “adopted” sticker on their cages. Did put in a request to be called for a dog on the “other side” (where newly brought in animals are kept) in case he becomes adoptable and the person ahead of me chooses not to adopt. I won't know until I have a chance to interact with him if he's the right pet for me and I almost hope the person ahead of me on the list has fallen completely in love with him. Every animal deserves to be adopted by someone who will love them and bond to them deeply. That's how I've felt about the dogs in my life in the past.

So....I'll keep looking. Saw a Papillon the other day with a woman in a store and might look into one of those. We'll see.

I'd love to hear your experiences finding a pet or looking for one or having one.