Sunday, August 03, 2008

Found My Dog

Well, I've found my dog. Still need to have the adoption approved since I found her at a local shelter but...I found her. She's not at all what I thought I would fall in love with but she's a real sweetheart. Probably mixture of spaniel with something else slender.

Even though she comes from a shelter, she'd been fostered and has obviously had a fair amount of training. She has a sweet temperament, isn't a huge barker and not once did she try to pull me over when I had her on the leash. I go through the process to have my application approved. (I'm glad they're careful to try to make sure the place the right animal in the right home.) Once that's done, she'll be spayed, micro chipped, vaccinated and tested. All very good things.

Sometimes it's good to discover that things don't turn out the way you expect—but maybe even better.

Once she's home with me—assuming the application is approved—I'll see if I can figure out how to post pictures.