Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She's Here!!!

Well, I have my new dog. I'm calling her Sophy—after The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer, of course.

She's a spaniel/setter mix—I think. Since she came from a shelter, there's no way to be sure. She was fostered for several months so she's in many ways already trained. Good thing since she's probably about a year old and weighs 45 pounds! (I'd thought she was probably around 30 until I saw the vet's paper.)

I'm going to see if I can insert a photo or two here....

She's a sweetie. She did bark once—when we saw a rabbit as we were out walking. And she definitely wanted to chase it but when I said “NO!” she happily continued walking with me.

She did wake me up at 4 am thinking maybe it was time to play—and I am sooooo NOT a morning person! But I got her back to sleep and it all worked out fine.

As you can tell, I'm enjoying having her here. I love dogs. I think there is so much to be gained by having one. Where else can you get unconditional love? Where else can you find someone always willing to play? And is there anything more soothing that petting a dog who loves you when you've had a long, hard day?

Okay, so I can think of a couple of answers for that last one've got to admit it ranks pretty high up there on the list!

As for writing, well....I'm enjoying the new Book in a Week class I'm teaching and, as always, finding new ways to tweak my lessons for the class. to the vet to pick up her heartworm medication (I was so excited to get her yesterday that I left my purse at home! I had her leash and a blanket for the back seat of the car—you know, the important stuff—but I forgot my purse! But that's okay because there are a couple of things I should probably pick up at the pet store, too.)

Can you tell I'm having fun?