Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Next Online Class

Please note that there is a discounted fee if you have taken the class before and wish to take it again.

I realize a lot of people are focused on the holidays right now but January is coming up fairly quickly and I wanted to let people know that I'll be offering my Book in a Week class at the beginning of the year because I suspect that lots of people will be ready to jump back into writing after the holidays. (Or some of you may want to give—or ask for-- it as a gift.)

Online Class: BOOK IN A WEEK

Cost: $60 ($35 if you have taken this class before and are taking it again)
Dates: January 5, 2009 to February 6, 2009
Deadline to sign up: January 2, 2009
Format: All lessons and discussion are handled via email so you can take the class in your pajamas at 3 in the morning if you want!

I truly believe that when we are in tune with who we are as writers, the process becomes easier and we become better writers. This class is designed to help you discover what and when and where and how YOU write best. It is designed to take you back to those early days when you couldn't wait to write your book. It's designed to remind you of the joy and the power of playing “make believe” as a child—to let you sidestep any limits you may be setting on yourself and your ability to write.

This class will take you through every step of the writing process—from beginning to brainstorming all the way through sending material out to be published.

Weeks 1-3: Preparing to write the first draft of a book in one week
Creating compelling characters or how to write about real people in nonfiction
Planning plot elements or structure in a nonfiction book
Significance of names
Effective paragraph and sentence structure
Using imagery and sensory detail to add impact
Writing effective dialogue
Creating a productive writing environment
Enlisting the support of those around you
Mentally gearing yourself up to write faster (and better) than you thought you could

Week 4: Intensive Writing Week (January 25 to January 31)
This is about discovering how writing fits into YOUR life. You can't do it wrong. You won't fail. No matter what happens you will discover more about yourself as a writer than you thought possible during that ONE WEEK of writing!

Week 5:
Evaluating the writing experience
Making revisions
Sending out material

Bio: April Kihlstrom is an award winning author of 31 published romance novels. She offers coaching to fellow writers as well as classes and workshops on writing and has spoken at many conferences including: the Romance Writers of America national conference (romance) and the East of Eden conference (non-romance).

Testimonials from students who have taken the class:

“I have taken several online classes, none of them writing related. Still, none of them have been as well planned, documented and executed as BIAW.”

“Wow...Let me begin by saying Thank you Thank you Thank you! What an amazing process and generous amount of information given in a relatively short amount of time!”

“This course was certainly value for the money. A price can't be placed on the invaluable information and experience you imparted during this course.”

“I'm a better writer. I'm a faster writer. I'm a more confident writer.”

Payment for the class may be made by check or by Paypal.

To sign up send an email to aprilkihlstrom@yahoo.com with Book in a Week in the header and in the body of the email please put: your name and whether you prefer to pay by check or Paypal. Also, please let me know if you have taken the class before.