Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Doesn't Feel Like November

It doesn't feel like November. In part, that's because I grew up in the northeast and by November it was COLD. It's much warmer here. Still, usually by Halloween it feels like fall to me. Not sure why this year is so different.

Speaking of Halloween, I love that holiday! Maybe because I always seemed to be hungry as a kid and the one time of year I wasn't was when I could gorge on the calories in candy after Halloween. Which means that every year I'm happy to give out candy to kids who come to my door. (I ran out after 70 kids this year!) When I cringe at the cost of the candy I buy, I remind myself it really isn't that much and I'll never know which kids who seem to come from middle class families might be going hungry at home. Plus I love seeing the costumes.

Meanwhile, I'll happily enjoy the sunshine and warmth and shudder every time I see snowstorms elsewhere on the news....