Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I'm about to head off to New Jersey fairly soon. I'll see my son. I'll stay with friends--the ones about to move. And I've been talking with my daughter on the phone. It all has me thinking how different people can be. What is primary concern to one person may be secondary or negligible to another.

If we're writers, it's especially important that we keep in mind how differently people can react to a situation. As human beings, our lives will go more smoothly if we remember that not everyone shares our priorities and/or expectations.

What might drive me crazy might be an essential need for someone else--and vice versa. The best thing I can do in that kind of situation is to listen--not only because I care about others but because it helps me as a writer to understand how someone else might experience the world in a very different way than I do.

I must admit I love that there is so much variety in the world! It's probably part of why I love being a writer--because I get to experience through my characters what I might never choose to do in my own life.

Here's hoping there is wonderful variety in your lives as well and that it brings you joy!

PS I've come to realize that one of my strengths as a writers coach is that often I can help resolve someone's challenges in just one phone call. In other words, people don't have to have long term commitments with me for coaching--though some choose to do so. I'll probably post more about this in future blog posts because I think it's important to realize that when we find what works most naturally for us we can accomplish more than we thought possible....