Wednesday, February 05, 2014

online revisions class

Ordinarily, at this point I'd be offering my Book in a Week class but given the issues that came up with yahoogroups with my last online class and given that I'm using a new site for the class, I felt it wise to begin with a shorter class. 

I think the change will be a good one and things will go smoothly and actually be easier than with yahoogroups. But because it IS a change and an experiment, I am holding the price of the class at what it was the last time I offered it--in 2009.

New online class:

Class: Revisions From the Top Down
Dates: Sunday February 16, 2014 to February 28, 2014
(Note: It is strongly recommended that students reread their manuscripts the weekend prior to class.)
Cost: $30 
Deadline to sign up: February 14, 2014
Format: all lessons and responses by email on a private class email loop

Have you been to a conference? Had a manuscript requested by an agent or editor? Are you just stuck on what to do next to make your novel work? Revisions From the Top Down is the fastest and most effective way I know to revise a manuscript. It's a process that will save you time and give you a new way to look at what you've written.

This two week online class will take you through the process of honing your manuscript to grab an agent or editor's attention and never let go! A critique (if you choose) of your first page is included.

To sign up send an email to with the title of the class in the header and in the body of the email please put: your name and whether you prefer to pay by check or Paypal.