Sunday, February 09, 2014

photo and an excerpt from Dangerous Masquerade

Lots of fun at the Romance Reader Social at the Pflugerville library yesterday. Here I am in Regency costume.

We were supposed to read excerpts from our books but everyone was having way too much fun without that so....I thought I would post it here. It's from Dangerous Masquerade (Amazon  B& kobo iBooks)

Ransford stared at Rebecca, achingly handsome in his favorite jacket of blue Bath cloth that matched his eyes and pantaloons of biscuit hue. Rebecca wanted to tell him the truth, had meant to tell him the truth, but when she tried to speak no words came out. Instead, she was paralyzed by fear. He was a friend of Lord Templeton and he even knew her stepbrother now. Despite Lady Sarah's assurances that she was safe here, Rebecca could not help feeling that if they knew where she was, Andrew and Lord Templeton might try to snatch her away from here. Later, when it became common knowledge Rebecca was a guest in Lady Sarah's house, it would be harder for them to try to harm her.
To be sure, she might be wrong to be suspicious of Ransford. If she was, Rebecca ought to tell him the truth now, for the longer she waited, the worse it would be. He would not like her masquerade, but it would be better if he heard the story from Rebecca's own lips rather than from someone who would tell him he had been made a fool by her.
It was useless to deny, either, that she wanted to tell him the truth, to trust him and to have him see her as she really was. For what had only been a seed so long as Rebecca was in his house, now became a full grown truth: she was in love with Oliver Ransford. She loved his kindness, his quick intelligence, and much more she could not even put into words. But head must rule her heart and Rebecca did not speak.
Ransford, of course, did not expect her to speak. He went on, gently, "How do you like it here, as my mother's companion? Is she kind to you?"
Rebecca nodded emphatically.
"I'm glad you're happy here," Ransford said.
Even to him the words sounded trite and he rose to his feet, holding out a hand to her. "It is time, I think, that I took you back in to see my mother. She asked me to come and fetch you, you know."
Rebecca rose and gave him her hand, trembling slightly at his touch. She was not prepared for the wellspring of longing that rose in her heart. A longing to be held by this man. A longing to be kissed. She could not break the gaze that bound her eyes to his and it seemed as if he was about to lean forward, perhaps even to kiss her on the lips, when the door to the library opened, breaking the spell.
"Here you both still are," Lady Sarah said mockingly, but the look she bent on them was kind, indeed one might say approving. "Have you had a pleasant conversation together?"
Ransford shot a warning glance at his mother, unable to credit the insensitivity in her choice of words. Rebecca colored, pulled her hand free of Ransford's, and looked at the floor, unable to meet Lady Sarah's eyes.