Tuesday, April 28, 2015

FREE Excerpt Booklet

Once again some of us have grouped together to create an excerpt booklet. This one features excerpts from historical romances that involve governesses. The excerpt booklet is FREE as an e-book from your favorite sites.

I'm particularly happy to be part of this venture because one of my all time favorite characters is Miss Tibbles. For those of you who have read my books, you know Miss Tibbles is a remarkable woman who took households in hand when daughters were out of control. No title, however lofty, ever daunted her or swayed her from her perceived duty! And yet, she also had the kindest of hearts--even if very few saw that inner core of kindness. But her girls did--when they needed it most.

It was such a joy when I could finally give Miss Tibbles her own chance at romance in Miss Tibbles' Folly. That's the book I chose for the excerpt included in the Governess Romance excerpt booklet.  As noted above, you can find it free at:

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The Governess Romance contains excerpts from the following previously published books:
An Unexpected Encounter – Deb Marlowe
Conduct Unbecoming a Gentleman – Wareeze Woodson
Dark Surrender – Erica Ridley
Deeply in You – Sharon Page
Miss Merry’s Christmas – Callie Hutton
Miss Tibbles’ Folly – April Kihlstrom
Moonlight and Memories – Patricia Rice
One Wicked Weekend – Charlotte Russell
Tempting the Governess – Vivienne Westlake
What a Lady Demands – Ashlyn Macnamara