Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Note: If you do not have a Nook, you can get the Nook reading app free and install it on your computer or smartphone or tablet:  http://littl.ink/NookApp

And now to the really exciting news! Barnes and Noble is having a special promotion they are calling the NOOK Book Bash — where you can find Hundreds of FREE first-in-series books--including my book, The Wicked Groom! Below you'll find codes to get these books free as well as codes to get the 2nd book in the series for 25% off.  In my case, the 2nd book is The Widowed Bride. This promotion runs until February 28, 2019. Please, please, please feel free to share this information with your friends!

Here's how it works:
Choose a series at http://littl.ink/BookBash, then use code NOOKBASHFREE to get the first book free and code NOOKBASH25 to get the second book for 25% off!
Don’t have a NOOK? Download the *free* NOOK reading app for your smartphone or tablet at http://littl.ink/NookApp.
Happy reading!
(PLEASE NOTE: Books must be purchased on the BN.com online store, not in an app. Coupon codes don’t work inside apps.)
I really hope those of you who haven't read one or both of these books takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity and it would be great if you pass on this information to your friends as well! And check out all the other wonderful books available for free as well!

Happy reading and warmest wishes always,
April Kihlstrom

Note: Because there's been some confusion, I'm adding the following information about how to get the free and discounted books.


1: Visit BN.com on your desktop or device (coupons cannot be redeemed on a NOOK device or inside the NOOK app)

2: Add featured ebook(s) to cart

3: View shopping cart

4: Apply Coupon Code below the Order Summary. Please note:

  • Coupons cannot be combined at checkout

  • To use different coupon codes, you must checkout applicable titles separately, free books in one transaction and 25%-off books in another transaction*

5: Complete check out

6: Purchased books will auto-sync to your NOOK library

7: Access your NOOK library from your desktop, NOOK device, or the free NOOK app

* (e.g. you can add 10 titles for coupon 1 and check out, then, in a separate transaction, add 10 titles for coupon 2 and check out)