Welcome to my website. I hope you will browse and find something to interest you--whether it's:

Regency romance or history on my Regency page

For news about the Bluestocking League and links to the other author's pages--Bluestocking League.

Or my Sophy books on the Sophy page

Or information for writers on my Book in a Week and coaching pages

Or my thoughts on various topics on my blog

This site is always a work in progress and I hope you'll come back often!

For another insight into who I am and what I write, check out the interview with me on Jackson D'Lynne's blog. You'll learn a little more about me and how and why I started writing romance and now the Sophy books and even what I would be doing if I weren't a writer.

Ask an Author with April Kihlstrom -- Regency Romance, Passion for Writing, and Adventures with Sophy January 9, 2015

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