Monday, September 26, 2005

Heat Wave

Made it to Austin and decided to check out washers and dryers and beds before I checked into a hotel. And discovered Austin is in the middle of a heat wave--hitting 107 today. Record setting heat. And no fun, even in an air conditioned car. By the time I got to my hotel, I was feeling the effects of the heat. What did people do before air conditioning?

There are still evacuees from the hurricanes here. And on the road I saw a convoy of trucks from California headed to help out in the devastated areas. All of which made me feel foolish for complaining about a little heat.

Didn't end up ordering anything. Overload and sticker shock. I'll sleep on it, close on the house, then decide what I want to do. Meanwhile, discovered I'd made one assumption and my real estate agent another about something. So we're scrambling to sort it all out. A reminder to me to always make absolutely sure communication is clear.

It's strange. When I was on the road, all I had time to think about was getting here. Now there's time for last minute panic to set in. Not that I really have second thoughts about this move, but today was one of those days, with the heat and all, that makes one wonder about moves like this. Still, I'll get a good night's sleep and tomorrow I'll be ready to move into my new home. Once again, I remind myself that things don't have to go perfectly to be a success. We can make choices, adapt to circumstances, and cope with the unexpected.

And that reminds me that I have gone from a time in my life when any tiny setback made me feel as if everything would go wrong, to understanding that sometimes crap happens and yet things can still work out. I've come to expect things to go well--and that's part of the emotional journey I've made over the past couple of years.